IMPACTIV offers professional, extensive assembly and service for electronics, telecommunications, mechanical and sanitarian installation.

Electronic installations:
External electric installations
SN, NN networks
Internal electric installations:
             - Transformers
             - Electric power generator
             - Electric substation
             - Basic, emergency and evacuation
The thermo-vision of installation and electric devices
             - Measurements:
             - Batteries
             - Protection from the paralysis

Telemetry & Communications installation:
Robbery and assault signal installation - SWiN
Fire signal installation SAP
Sound installation including DSO
Industrial television installation CCTV
Telecommunication and computer networks
Access of the inspection installation

Mechanical and sanitary installations:
Ventilation and air conditioning altogether with the automation
Heating installations
Sprinkler installations
Boiler rooms and heating central units
Gas reduction stations
Hydrant and water supply systems installations
Sanitary sewage and rain drain systems
Verifying the sanitarian installation - filming
Cleaning the sanitary installation

Supplementary activity

Completing the projects:
             - Electrical
             - Teletechnical
             - Sanitarian
To provide leadership and support with the acceptance, guarantee and post guarantee procedures


For the assembly, service and maintenance we use the best thermo-vision cameras available in the industry today! The Industry Market leader, FLIR Systems. Thanks to the latest models of cameras, we act even more effectively with better precision. Implementing, each of the installation solutions, is correlated with the designed diagnosis and the maximum Safety Requirements.

We provide our Clients with both the comfort and safety.
We guarantee and provide after sales service, for problem solving.



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